Imagine walking into a conference room where you have a presentation that must be made without mistakes. You have spent hours preparing and now wonder, "Will this equipment cooperate?" 


At TCSI, we can calm these fears. We take your incoming TV signal and provide it to any room throughout your facility. We also offer a variety of TV's and installation for our customers such as:

  • The latest in TV technology

  • Hospital Grade

  • Video On Demand

  • TV Signal Distribution

  • Projection Systems

  • Video walls

At the touch of a button the lights dim, a projection screen lowers from the ceiling, the projector drops from the ceiling then turns on and switches to the correct source. After pressing another button, a DVD player starts and the projector automatically changes sources to keep your presentations flowing. No more fumbling with remotes to try and obtain the correct angle for the projector to respond.

Please contact us so that we can help you master your television distribution systems.

Other Services:

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