When it comes to the security of your building, patients, or students – you need the right solution. We provide you with the solution for your needs. With the number of surveillance equipment suppliers competing for your business, it can be difficult at times to determine what system will best fit your needs.


Imagine the possibilities — using the Digifort Software allows access and control pan-tilt-zoom features of cameras for viewing and playback anywhere within your network and remotely.  We can install cameras anywhere you’d like, inside and outside of buildings, to obtain the perfect camera coverage.


Card Access

With a card access system, you have much more control over who enters and exits your buildings. With our Keri card access systems, access can be granted for any time schedule. They are entirely customizable by day, week, month, or year including holidays. These options are all programmable and easily disabled if lost or stolen.

Sites can be controlled by one PC on the network and these systems are not limited to one building. All buildings can be networked together to work on the same schedule as well as administer site lockdown or global lockdown. 

Door Hardware

A building is only as secure as the doors and locks at the entry point. In conjunction with a card access system, specific door hardware is needed to provide the necessary security to your facility. From electrified door hardware installed during construction to post-construction surface mounted devices, any door that can be locked with a key can now be secured with hardware that can be controlled with a card access system.

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